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Bamboo Flooring Articles

Keeping bamboo floors clean

All that is required to maintain bamboo floors is frequent sweeping, and keeping moisture levels to a minimum. Techniques for cleaning bamboo floors are almost the same as for other types of hardwood flooring. Bamboo also needs fewer chemicals to clean or repair it, which is a plus for environmentally friendly consumers.

Regular cleaning of bamboo floors can actually contribute to its long life. A slightly damp mop occasionally, with regular sweeping and/or a vacuum with a padded cleaning head can easily clean a bamboo floor.With standard cleaning and moping, you can clear the everyday dust and dirt which can scratch the finish of the bamboo floor.

Bamboo is moisture resistant due to its tropical origin, but still it should not be cleaned with a lot of water. The mop should be "damp", not dripping with water. Moisture, oil or other elements can cause stubborn stains. Spills and oily substances should be wiped by a gentle scrub with a soft damp cloth. Also, items like harsh detergents, acidic cleaners and scouring pads can damage the finish of a bamboo floor, so their use should be avoided.

Another way to prevent the presence of abrasive materials brought in on your shoes or your pets is to use doormats or rugs at entrances. These mats prevent pebbles, dirt, moisture, grains of sand, and fragments of glass and debris from being tracked onto your bamboo floor and causing scratches. For this reason, mats should also be cleaned and the wearing of shoes/boots should be considered carefully on your bamboo floors. This will reduce the amount of dirt and grit which can be transferred from a mat.

Many products that are used for cleaning hardwood flooring can also be considered for cleaning for bamboo floors. Wax is an exception which is not applicable, as it can affect the surface of the bamboo floor. But these cleaning agents should be used after consulting or per advice of the manufacturer. Local flooring professionals or Do-it-yourself (DIY) retailers can also help you select the suitable options. Always read the labels of any products you buy and follow all directions carefully.

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