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Bamboo Flooring Articles

The Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring, or any kind of flooring for that matter, lasts as long as the kind of care and maintenance it receives. Bamboo, though a very durable and low-maintenance flooring option, still needs some care (though this is not time-consuming) in order to keep it in top shape.

Some bamboo floors care and maintenance tips to remember:

  • Daily maintenance is important as it will keep dust and grime off the floor, which can scratch or stain it if left for too long. This need not be tedious, as it only requires simple sweeping or wiping with a soft cloth and occasional vacuuming to keep it clean.

  • Placing doormats or rugs at entryways keeps the dust and debris from outside from being tracked into the room and potentially damaging your bamboo floor.

  • Felt pads placed under the legs of chairs and tables of furniture reduce the risk of scratching. To help prevent this problem, This protects the the bamboo floor from being scratched or gouged due to the weight and movement of the furniture.

  • Avoid stiletto heels and athletic spikes. Heavy-duty shoes and sharp stiletto heels should be removed prior to walking on bamboo floors as these might scratch the finish.

  • Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners and other corrosive chemicals. These should not be used when cleaning bamboo flooring.

  • Avoid too much sunlight on the surface of the bamboo. While most bamboo flooring sold today have some form of UV protection, care must still be taken not to overexpose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

  • Wipe up spills immediately with a soft clean cloth. Stains can be removed by either using a damp mop or rag and gently wiping away the stain, or you can use a gentle cleaner that can be used on bamboo floors. Ask your retailer about suitable options to use on your bamboo floor.

Bamboo floors are among the easiest to clean and maintain among all the flooring options, so it shouldn't be any trouble for you to keep a bamboo floor as beautiful as when it was first installed.

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