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Bamboo Flooring Articles

Unfinished Bamboo Flooring is the Natural Choice for Floors

Why Natural Bamboo Hardwood is Becoming a Prime Flooring Option
Part of the popularity of bamboo flooring comes from its strength and durability (stronger and more durable than many hardwoods), not to mention its beauty. It also comes from the variety of choices available for homeowners when it comes to choosing what is the best type of flooring to use for their home.

Natural Look in unfinished bamboo flooring
For those who prefer the natural look, or would like to color and glaze their flooring by themselves for a more personalized touch, then unfinished bamboo is for you. Unfinished bamboo flooring features the natural blond color of natural bamboo planks. This color is because it has not been subjected to carbonization or dyeing. It is a popular flooring choice for people who want the natural look for their home.

Stain or finish unfinished bamboo floors yourself
The beauty of using unfinished bamboo flooring is that it can be stained or sanded at a later time if so wished, and any prior staining or finishing will defeat the purpose of getting unfinished bamboo flooring in the first place.

Where to install unfinished bamboo flooring
Being a light-colored flooring option, the natural blond color of unfinished bamboo flooring is best suited for small or dimly-lit rooms. Unfinished bamboo flooring can brighten and make the room appear larger. Another feature of unfinished bamboo flooring that will be helpful to homeowners and builders alike is that this type of bamboo flooring acclimates faster than standard bamboo flooring.

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