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Bamboo Flooring Articles

What are the different colors of bamboo and how are they processed?

Choice of Color:

Bamboo flooring is a popular alternative to the traditional wood floor. Bamboo floors are usually offered in two main colors. The first is the light-honey blonde shade (known as "natural"), which reflects bamboo's original color, along with its beautiful grain, growth patterns and joints.

The second choice is carbonized bamboo flooring planks, known for its darker amber tones. Carbonized bamboo flooring planks are made by subjecting the natural bamboo strips to a high pressure and heat, causing carbonization in the fibers of the bamboo. The carbonized grains take on a range of darker tones - from amber hues to that of a caramel color.

How are bamboo flooring planks processed?

After the harvest, bamboo strips are boiled to eliminate natural starches and sugars. Boiling the bamboo prevents it later from termites and other pests and also turns the material into a darker color than its natural blonde appearance. It gives the bamboo a different look, enabling a choice of color in the flooring. These two colors work with any decorating scheme and also have varied surface patterns that are created in the manufacturing process.

Both horizontal and vertical-style bamboo flooring planks are available in blonde and carbonized coloring, and both are enjoyed for their particular, naturally attractive features.

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