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Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles from BuildDirect

Carpet tile is a modern, accessible, DIY-friendly way to get the look and function of traditional carpet, and with a new level of flexibility. This isn’t just because installing carpet tile is easy – although it really is. It’s about having even more control over your carpet surfaces and the spaces in which you’re installing them than ever before.

Carpet tiles are offered in a variety of looks and colors to match your space. They can serve as an accent or as a reliable design base in a wide variety of rooms. This includes being able to create your own custom layouts. You can use carpet tile to cover an entire area. Or, you can use carpet tiles to help you create zones within a space as area rugs. Whichever way you envision your finished room, the modular nature of carpet tiles leaves the details up to you.

And once again, high quality carpet tiles at BuildDirect really are designed to be easy to install, and to serve in your space for the long term.

How we offer carpet tile for less

BuildDirect has formed relationships with the experts in quality carpet tile in order to deliver the best products you’ve ever seen. These experts are passionate about creating versatile, enduring, and strikingly stylish carpet tile that we know will appeal to your discerning eye. With this expertise in place on the part of our manufacturing partners, we apply some expertise of our own to get them to you in the most efficient way there is.

We use online technology and our knowledge of the traditional supply chain, to re-invent the way these products are shipped to you. A big part of that means cutting out the unnecessary steps in the process and their related costs too. This means that all of the passion and expertise that went into the making of these high-quality carpet tile products is preserved. And you’re able to get them for less because the process is so efficient.

Why choose carpet tile?

  • They are stylish; offered in various types and colors
  • They are flexible; use carpet tiles to cover an entire floor, or create your own area rugs
  • They are easy to install; no special tools, no heavy lifting
  • They are designed to last; always well-made, and ready for a wide range of traffic

Want to know more?

Have you got questions about carpet tile from BuildDirect? Talk to our sales department at 1 877 631 2845. Or, send an email to  We’re here to help.