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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring from BuildDirect

Our Evora cork flooring comes right from the famous cork producing regions in Portugal, delivering the decorative and functional benefits you're looking for in premium flooring. For natural warmth and sound insulation, a comfortable walking experience, and rich colors and patterns that get attention, Evora cork flooring is a unique statement.

Benefits of Evora Cork Flooring

  • Durability: Evora Cork flooring is durable enough to stand up to the kind of foot traffic you require of it in home and office settings
  • Comfort: Cork floors are comfortable - the cushiony surface allows for the impact absorption of footfalls, making walking on cork flooring a comfortable experience.
  • Practicality: Cork floors are also renowned for holding in warmth, which is yet another level of comfort to be experienced.

Evora Cork Meets Your "Green" Expectations

Evora cork is an environmentally responsible flooring choice. The bark of the cork oak is harvested by hand. There is little or no wastage when our Evora cork flooring is manufactured. If you want to go green, choosing Evora cork flooring is a great way to get the balance between look, function, and environmental responsibility.

Evora Cork Floors Add Character to Your Interiors

Cork flooring from Evora offers a uniquely intriguing design element. Adding the speckled patterns which vary from tile to tile to your space adds character; it attracts positive attention, and makes an individual statement. Evora cork flooring offers subtle color variation that allows you to be creative in terms of layout - you are free to make your flooring project your own!

Why Buy Cork Flooring From BuildDirect?

Evora cork floors through BuildDirect are premium quality, direct from Portugal where the art of cork flooring manufacturing has been defined. We can get cork floors to you directly from where they're made. That means fewer mark-ups on premium cork flooring and the best pricing than you'll see anywhere else.

Explore your flooring options with our selection of quality natural cork flooring, and feel free to ask one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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