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Cork Flooring Articles

Cleaning Cork Floors

Cleaning cork floors once they are installed is a very easy job. Just some prevention followed with regular sweeping and mopping the floor will do the job. Cleaning cork floors requires no special equipment, tools or harsh chemicals. This is an additional way of how cork floors are environmentally friendly in their usage too. Here are the basic steps for cleaning cork floors when newly installed and afterwards too:

  • Wipe away spills immediately.

  • Sweep or vacuum your cork floors regularly to remove dirt, dust, grit or debris which may act like sandpaper and will scratch any floor. This will prevent abrasion or scratches on the surface of cork floor.

  • To clean a heavy stain or spill, use only the cleaners especially recommended for cleaning cork floors.

  • Cork floors being a natural wood product can absorb moisture. Never allow any liquid to stand on cork floors; water can seriously damage the floor over time.

  • Damp mop the floor at least once a week or as required. Avoid wet mopping. Be sure to use only a 'damp' mop as excess water will harm the floor in the long term.

  • Do not flood the floor while cleaning or mopping.

  • You can use mild wood-floor detergent once in a while for cleaning cork floors thoroughly.

  • Use only non-abrasive soaps and cleaning materials when cleaning cork floors. Do not use oils or waxes or ammonia-based cleaning products. Never use harsh solvents or cleaners; many solvents can discolor or damage the floor's surface.

  • Place door mats and pads at the entrances, to prevent dirt, sand and grit being tracked onto the floor. However, do not use mats with rubber or other non-porous backings since these could trap moisture and affect the finish.

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