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Cork Flooring Articles

Cork Flooring - Exceptional Thermal Insulation

Cork flooring is the only flooring material with natural thermal insulation ability. Cork is composed of 14 sided cells i.e., 60 - 100 million of them per cubic inch. These cells are insulated and separated from each other and have an enclosed gaseous mixture sealed in them. Due to this composition, cork tissue is considered 90% gaseous on a ratio, and enables a very low density for cork material.

These cells act like air pockets and make cork flooring one of the most efficient thermal and acoustic insulators. That's why cork floors are the best non-conductors of heat and cold. They prevent heat loss in rooms and even body heat loss through the feet. Cork flooring also helps maintain a comfortable median temperature, preventing a very hot or very cold environment.

Walking barefoot on cork flooring can immediately prove its warmth. In tests it's been shown that less heat is lost through the feet with a cork floor than with hardwood, vinyl or ceramic floors. Therefore, cork flooring will always feel warmer to the touch than many other choices in flooring. This adds to another benefit of cork flooring by reducing heating costs at your home and office.

Cork flooring has low thermal conductivity even without underfloor heating. This makes cork flooring ideal over a cement subfloor. These natural thermal insulation properties enable cork floors provide an optimal floor temperature all year round. According to experts, cork flooring has one of the best insulating and acoustical capacities of all substances.

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