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Engineered Hardwood Floors Articles

Cleaning And Engineered Hardwood Floor

An engineered hardwood floor can be cleaned very easily. Keeping it clean it on a regular basis will also be a major contribution towards retaining it for a long time. Here are a few general guidelines to assist you in cleaning your engineered hardwood floor:

  • Sweep, vacuum (with a soft flooring attachment), and keep your engineered hardwood floor dry on a regular basis.

  • Clean/wipe spills immediately and make sure you dry the floor. Never overwet the flooring; excessive water/liquid can damage an engineered flooring. If required, a damp mop can be used.

  • Place door mats and pads at all entrances. This will keep dirt, debris, grit and small pieces of sand that can damage the finish of the floor at a minimum.

  • Also keep hiking shoes or shoes with either spikes or athletic heels away from the floor.

  • Do not use wax-based cleaners, harsh detergents, abrasives, or steel wool to clean an engineered hardwood floor. Also, do not apply finish to an engineered hardwood floor that has already been finished at the factory.

Any specific or general guidance about cleaning any type of flooring can be taken from local flooring professionals, local contractors, and DIY outlets. They are a good source of information and help you with the best ways to keep your floors clean,maintained and intact for a sustainable period.

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