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Glass Tile & Mosaics from BuildDirect

For floors and walls, our Cabot and Optico glass tiles & mosaics attract attention and deliver durability in the long term. These benefits preserve the value of your property for years to come. The glass tiles & mosaics we offer are all at pricing which is unavailable anywhere else for glass tiles & mosaics which are this high-quality. For an investment in premium glass tile & mosaics, our Cabot and Optico lines reflect the best in durable and decorative tile surfaces.

We deliver top-quality glass tile & mosaics in a variety of colors, delivering all of the versatility possible from a choice of over 200 colors - shades of blue, green, white, gray, red and more.

With our series of glass tile & mosaics from Cabot and Optico, you get:

  • Visual Flair - glass tile & mosaics that make artistic statements that add visual flair and character to your space
  • Range of design possibilities - glass tile & mosaics that can be an accessory to a greater interior or exterior design; a great way to bring out the look of your whole space
  • Easy Practicality - a practical surface which reflects light, repels moisture and discourages bacterial growth
  • Unmatched Versatility - a versatile material that can be included nearly anywhere which expands your creative potential for both interiors and exteriors

If you're a professional designer, or even if you're a property owner looking to create a visual statement with a practical material, our Cabot and Optico names deliver the colors, sizes and textures you're looking for. And all at the best pricing you're likely to find anywhere else for glass tile & mosaics of such high quality.

More Benefits of Our Glass Tile & Mosaics

  • our glass tile & mosaics make your creative ideas a reality
  • the colors of our glass tile & mosaics - potentially vibrant or muted, depending on taste - are suitable for every setting
  • our premium glass tiles & mosaics bring a radiant effect to every project, and unique color intensity that adds a whole new element to your wall and floor projects.

Artistic Glass Tile Through the Ages

Glass tile has been relied upon since 2500 BC, brought into the classical age and made popular by artisans across the ancient world - Greece, Persia, the Byzantine Empire and India to name a few. Today, you can count on our Cabot and Optico glass tiles for establishing design themes and getting positive first-impressions every time.
When used in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, spas and other commercial spaces, Cabot and Optico glass tiles always make a positive impact on visitors. When installing our glass tile in your home, you can add a "wow" factor when it comes time to show your property to prospective buyers too.

Why Buy Premium Glass Tile & Mosaics From BuildDirect?

With our Cabot and Optico glass tile & mosaics series, you gain a range of possibilities which let your designer's instincts run free. BuildDirect sources glass tile & mosaics for less than you'd pay at your local retail location, delivering on premium quality performance too; these glass tiles & mosaics are designed to look great and to last a long time.
Explore your glass tile & mosaics options and feel free to ask a friendly BuildDirect product specialist if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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The Toklo House Mountain Oak flooring looks amazing and installation was a breeze. Most laminate floors require two people to install because you can't lay one board at a time due to the locking design. Toklo got it right because I was able to install the entire floor by myself and I might as well not have even purchased a tapping block or pull bar!
Adam S. Bartonville, IL
Dec 08, 2013
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