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Hardwood Flooring Articles

Alder Hardwood for Flooring

General Description: Alder hardwood for flooring is moderately lightweight and demonstrates moderate strength in across many applications. With alder hardwood as flooring there is no visible boundary between heartwood and sapwood. Red Alder hardwood, a relative of birch, is almost white when freshly cut but quickly changes on exposure to air, becoming light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge.

  • Common Names: Alder hardwood, red Alder hardwood, western Alder hardwood, oregon Alder hardwood

  • Color: Very consistent in color - pale pinkish-brown to almost white.

  • Grain: Either no distinct grain pattern OR moderately straight-grain with a uniform texture.

  • Finishing: Finishes smoothly and takes stain well.

  • Characteristics: Relatively soft hardwood, medium density, good working properties, low tensile strength, moderately lightweight, low shock resistance and stiffness. This medium density wood dries easily and retains a good dimensional stability. Alder hardwood grows very well in areas that have been ruined by fire, earthquakes, or logging.

  • Working Properties: Red Alder hardwood machines well and is excellent for turning. It is nailed or screwed easily, and can be sanded, painted, or stained to a good finish.

  • Main Uses: Furniture, kitchen cabinets, pallets, plywood, veneer, doors, shutters, moldings, panel stock, turnings, carvings, kitchen utensils and paper products.

  • Overview: Alder hardwood is used as flooring when a lived-in, rustic effect is desired.

Alder is becoming a popular choice in flooring, both for its color, workability, and overall aesthetic value.

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