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Hardwood Flooring Articles

Ash Hardwood for Floors

General Description: Ash hardwood belongs to the olive family, although its only fruit is a dart-like winged seed. A Norwegian mythology refers to Ash hardwood as "the mighty tree that supports the heavens." There are several species of American Ash hardwood for eg, black, brown, and white. It is used extensively in the making of quality hardwood floors.

  • Color: Ash hardwood for floors are nearly pure lustrous white, ranging through cream to very light brown.

  • Grain: Ash hardwood for floors have an attractive, usually straight, moderately open, prominent grain with a coarse uniform texture.

  • Characteristics: Ash hardwood for floors are heavy, hard, very good overall strength, excellent shock resistance and good tensile strength.

  • Finishing: Because of its large pores ash hardwood is seldom stained but takes all other finishes very well when used for floors.

  • Working Properties: Ash hardwood for floors machines well, is good for nailing, screwing and gluing, and can be stained to a very good finish. The hardwood dries fairly easily with minimal degrade, with little difference in performance.

  • Main Uses: In addition to a common use in flooring, ash hardwood is used in the making of anything from furniture to sporting goods.

  • Overview: Ash hardwood for flooring has the versatility which makes it among the most easy to work with among hardwood species.

  • Did You Know? Ash hardwood was once the preferred wood for making tennis racquets, proving its dutrability.

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