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Hardwood Flooring Articles

Hardwood Floor - Flooring Board Widths and Installation Patterns - Part 1

The choice of hardwood flooring for your home or office will require you to decide about more than just the wood species, stain, or finish of the wood flooring. You also have to consider the flooring board width and the diverse installation patterns. Of similar importance are the finishing touches like borders, mosaic medallions and decorative borders.

Hardwood flooring board width is basically divided into two categories, strip and plank. Strip is less than 3 inches wide while plank is greater than 3 inches in width, usually as wide as 7 inches and sometimes even wider.

Strip flooring creates a running and linear effect, much like a mirror or light paint colors. It gives the feeling of spaciousness in a small room. If you have chosen select grade hardwood with a uniform color, it will enable a contemporary look. Strips are the more commonly used flooring boards in both commercial and residential locations.

Plank flooring with its wide boards, plank flooring works well in a large room or wide area. It is more commonly used to achieve a rustic or country look. Plank flooring also creates a linear effect in the room but the broad width of the boards doesn't give a spacious look as in the case of strip flooring.

A wide variety of looks can be created by mixing the right combination of species, stains, installation pattern and furnishings. These factors are equally important as of the species and will influence the appearance of both the flooring and later the room. Here is some valuable information to help you select the most suitable flooring width, pattern and furnishings for your room.

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