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Hardwood Flooring Articles

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Properly maintained hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. And to add to the value, these floors are very easy to maintain. Just regular cleaning, keeping it swept and dry and avoiding all the harsh elements is enough!

The first and the foremost prevention should be against moisture. Extra care should be given in bathrooms, kitchens and any other wet rooms where spills can cause damage to the hardwood flooring. Standing water must be cleaned and the flooring be dried almost immediately. Any spill for an extended time can cause the floor to warp and the finish to wear off. Always consult the terms and conditions of your hardwood flooring warranty, especially in relation to where you intend to install it. Installations done in known high- moisture areas can void warranties in some cases.

Wood finish is even easier to maintain these days. Today's high-end technology and advancements in wood production enable a very tough and hard wearing finish on the wood floors. Keeping door mats at the entrances keeps away grit, debris, and fragments of glass. The rest can be done by rugs which prevent or minimize wear. These rugs must be moved occasionally to provide oxygen and light exposure to the floors. It also allows the floor to age evenly. Cork pads under the legs of your furniture help in preventing scratches.

A weekly process of cleaning hardwood floors can be done by vacuuming occasionally with a soft brush attachment and moping twice a week with a damp mop. That's all that's needed to clean these floors.

If you have hardwood flooring than you must also know that direct sunlight can discolor the flooring and so curtains and blinds should be kept drawn to protect the color of your floors.

Caring for hardwood flooring is equally important as making the choice of its installation at your property. And it's surprisingly easy and hassle-free!

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