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Laminate Flooring Articles

Keeping Your Laminate Wood Floor Clean is a Breeze

The Easy Maintainability of Laminate Floors
Laminate wood floors are one of the easiest floors to clean. Its aluminum oxide wear-layer surface helps keep unwanted dirt and dust easy to clear by simply wiping it away by a cleaning cloth or damp mop. Its easy maintenance is one of the reasons why laminate wood floors are a popular flooring option.

Regular sweeping and vacuuming
Laminate wood floors boast of the beauty and shine of hardwood floors, minus the hassle of regularly waxing and polishing. Regular sweeping and vacuuming is generally the only maintenance that laminate wood flooring calls for.

No wet mops when cleaning laminate floors
It is best to use a damp mop to clean more stubborn stains. Warm water is preferred because it evaporates more quickly. You must never use a wet mop when cleaning your laminate wood floor because exposure to excessive amounts of water may warp the laminate floor board.

Be gentle when keeping laminate floors clean
When cleaning your laminate wood floor, avoid using abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. These may damage your laminate flooring. Do not use soap, wax, or other household cleaners on your laminate floor because they might leave a film that will likely attract dirt and dust, which will lead to streaking on your floor. A solution of water and vinegar or ammonia is a better cleaning agent for use in laminate wood flooring, just be sure not to overwet your floor or let water to stand. Scouring pads are also a big no-no when cleaning laminate wood floors.

A Scratch-Free laminate floor
Another way to keep your laminate wood flooring clean is the use of mats along entrances leading to the floor, so that dirt and dust from the outside will not collect and/or scratch the laminate wood floor surface. It is also a good idea to place mats under furniture to prevent them from gouging the floor, especially when moving them.

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