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Laminate Flooring Articles

Laminate Flooring Underlayment

An underlayment is requirement in any installation of laminate flooring and serves certain functions. Underlayment adds a level of comfort to laminate floor, provides a soundproofing quality, helps to protect the laminate material from moisture, and helps to even out minor imperfections of the subfloor to ensure that your laminate flooring is installed on a perfectly level surface.

Choosing which underlayment to use to go with your laminate flooring is very important, and so we provide you with a guide to the various types of underlayment available and their suitable applications:

Standard foam laminate flooring underlayment

This is the most common type of laminate flooring underlayment available. It is a thin, foam padding measuring 1/8 inch thick, and is available in different roll sizes. Since it is build without a built-in moisture barrier, this type of underlayment for laminate flooring is made for use in areas where not a great deal of moisture is expected. However, it can be used in conjunction with a plastic sheet if moisture is expected in any capacity. Foam underlayment provides a minimal level of sound reduction and therefore should only be considered as entry-level for use with laminate flooring.

Combination laminate flooring underlayment

Combination underlayment is essentially the same as a standard foam underlayment for laminate flooring, but comes with a moisture barrier attached. This feature prevents moisture from seeping onto your laminate from underneath, so it can be installed in areas where higher levels of moisture are expected, such as basements. Its thickness is as same as a standard foam underlayment and sold in various-size rolls.

Acoustical laminate flooring underlayment

This type of laminate flooring underlayment is used to reduce the hollow sound that is often created when walking on a laminate floor. It is available in a variety of materials like cork and felt, and comes with a moisture barrier most of the time. Acoustical underlayment without a moisture barrier attached should be installed together with a moisture barrier placed directly over the subfloor.

Vinyl-backed underlayment

Vinyl backed underlayment is a practical option when it comes to choosing underlayment for laminate flooring because of its easy-to-install tile form. It lays flat during installation and provides noise-proofing qualities. The seams must be sealed, though, if moisture-proofing is a priority.

For any project, it is best to ask the opinion of experts who can help you make the best choice for your home or office. Consult your contractor or local retailer for the best laminate flooring underlayment to use in your installation.

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