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Laminate Flooring Articles

Laying Laminate Wood Flooring

Easy To Begin Laying Laminate Wood Floors
Laminate flooring has grown in popularity among people looking for that hardwood-floor look without straining their budget. A great feature of laminate flooring that appeals to homeowners these days is how easy it is to begin laying laminate wood flooring.

Most laminate wood floors come in the tongue and groove configuration which clicks into place, the click indicating that two pieces are already joined together. Along with its beauty and durability, this structural trait that laminate flooring has makes it one of the most popular flooring options today.

Laying Laminate Wood Flooring - read the instructions
Laminate wood floors are of the easiest floors to lay down, and can be done even by the inexperienced. But as with any project, one must carefully read through the instructions prior to laying laminate wood flooring. This is to give you an idea on what to do and how to go about the installation in relation to your room. Reading the instructions before proceeding with the installation will help you plan how to begin laying laminate wood flooring. It will also give you tips on avoiding mistakes commonly encountered in laying down laminate flooring.

Proceeding With The Installation
Now that you have read the instructions, you can now start by making sure you have all the materials and tools at hand that are needed for laying laminate wood flooring. All subfloor preparations and floor board acclimations must already be done by the time you're ready to start.

Check each board for damages and irregularities. All warranties are void if the flooring has already been installed. A smart idea also would be to invest in knee pads for this project, as you are most likely to be kneeling down during the process. You can also place a rolled up towel under your knee.

Your subfloor should be level, clean, and dry
Make sure that the subfloor is level and dry before laying laminate wood floor. While laminate wood flooring is water resistant, you want to preserve your floor as much as possible and keep it away from such damage-producing factors as excess moisture. Don't forget to assign expansion gaps around the perimeter of the room to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the flooring.

Laying laminate wood flooring should be easy enough since most are the tongue-and-groove kind that fit into place. The laying down of laminate wood floor most likely begins from the straightest wall in the house to ensure a uniform installation. When you come to the end of a line of floor boards and find that they don't fit perfectly, find a board and trim it to fit that space. You can use the remaining piece as your first board on the next row. Remember to stagger the proceeding rows of flooring when laying down your floor.

Once finished laying laminate wood flooring, clean your newly-installed floor by sweeping away the accumulated sawdust and other debris. You may also use a damp mop to clean more stubborn dirt. You may now enjoy your laminate wood flooring.

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