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Laminate Flooring Articles

Ten Important Questions to ask about Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is regarded as one of the most strong, highly finished and easy to install and maintain flooring materials. It is slightly lower in price than solid hardwoods, but equally durable. Here are ten important questions that must be answered before you finally decide to install a laminate floor.

  1. Is laminate flooring a type of wood flooring?

    No, although they are often grouped with wood floors because of their appearance. Laminate flooring cannot be graded as one of the wood flooring types, but it is a very good imitation and alternative to a wood floor.

  2. What is laminate flooring?

    It's a composite wood flooring type, made of composite wood covered with two or more layers of decorative pattern and a transparent scratch-resistant wear layer.

  3. Is there some actual wood in its composition?

    Not usually. Although the upper finish layer that is visible and looks like wood is not actually wood, it is a photograph.

  4. Is laminate flooring durable?

    Yes laminate flooring is very durable and tough wearing. It is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear.

  5. Do we need to sand laminate flooring?

    No, laminate flooring does not require a sanding process as there is no wood to sand. It comes pre-fabricated from the factory.

  6. What if some portion of laminate is worn out or scratched?

    In such cases, that particular portion of laminate flooring can be replaced. Individual and independent planks are among the advantages of a floating laminate floor.

  7. What is a floating laminate floor?

    A laminate floor whose individual pieces connect to each other through the tongue-and-groove method is called a floating laminate floor. This process does not require the flooring boards to be nailed or glued to the subfloor. In fact, a floating floor enables replacement of the laminate flooring boards anytime you want for multiple reasons.

  8. Are all laminate floors floating floors?

    Most are, but up until recently the answer would have been no. Laminate flooring was historically a glue-down flooring plank. But, the industry has evolved to make laminate flooring even easier to install. For the most part, most quality laminate flooring is meant to be floated.

  9. Is laminate flooring easier to install if compared to other flooring materials?

    Yes, laminate flooring is very easy to install, and perhaps this is its biggest advantage. Generally, it is possible for the inexperienced to install laminate flooring in a small room within a day.

  10. Is it moisture resistant?

    Yes to some degree. According to some manufacturers, laminate flooring resists "topical moisture", which means light moisture. But it cannot deal with the heavy moisture you may find in a basement, laundry room, bathroom, or a children's bathroom. Ask your seller about your proposed installation to make sure that laminate flooring is the best solution. Always check your warranty with regard to site moisture - sometimes installing laminate flooring in a certain area can void your warranty in the event of moisture damage.

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