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Laminate Flooring Articles

What Are the Advantages of Laminate Floors?

Laminate floors are extremely durable and attractive. They are scratch and stain resistant and ideally designed for areas with a high degree of foot traffic, especially by children and pets. This type of flooring is very easy to maintain and does not fade even in direct sunlight.

The key advantages of laminate floors are the ease of installation, subfloor adaptability and its photographic finish. Here is a detail of the benefits that make laminate flooring a preferred choice by customers.

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: One of the main features of laminate floors is the ease of its installation. With many types of laminate floors, a 'glueless' option is available. This option allows each board to be connected by means of a tongue-and-groove design that clicks together to form a firmly fastened surface. Laminate floors are also a good option for a do-it-yourself installation by anybody who has a little experience in carpentry. This could also save the cost of hiring a professional for the installation. For flooring professionals, installation of laminate floors is a great time saving and hassle-free alternative to offer to clients.

  • ADAPTABILITY WITH SUBFLOOR VARIETY Laminate floors are also known for their adaptability to any type of subfloor. In case a subfloor has an increased moisture level or is of a variety (e.g. concrete that does not allow the hardwood to be directly fastened), a laminate floor is the right solution. Laminate floors can be easily installed on nearly every type of subfloor, ranging from concrete to a new wood subfloor, to an existing vinyl or ceramic subfloor, as long as the subfloor is level, clean, and dry.

  • PHOTOGRAPHIC FINISH Laminate flooring is an imitation of real wood. The pattern visible on the floor is literally a printed photo of real wood, bonded to the clear surface with an aluminum oxide finish. This finish gives laminate floors their rugged resistance to abrasion. It also enables a range of wood effects as well as stone, ceramic and other looks for the flooring.

Most of the laminate floors come with a triple warranty against wear, staining and fading. Some also have a moisture warranty.

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