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Laminate Flooring Articles

Why to Choose a Floating Laminate Floor

Laminate floor is undoubtedly one of the 'low-maintenance' flooring materials, primarily because of its unique composition. A laminate floor is usually made up of various layers fused together with each other to form the flooring board. There are mainly four layers: the wear layer, the pattern layer (also known as the image layer), the processed wood core (made of fiberboard) and a balancing layer on top of that.

A moisture barrier and scratch resistance layer is usually incorporated within these layers. These various layers are bonded together using high pressure to ensure that the laminate flooring produced is highly durable. The pressure also makes sure that the layers stick together and have an enhanced look for many years.

Before the invention of floating flooring boards, laminated floors had to be glued to the subfloor. However, with the introduction of the tongue-and-groove method, individual planks can be interlocked to form the flooring bed and give a complete finish. That's why the method is called floating, meaning 'placing over the previous floor'.

A floating laminate floor has a lot of advantages over a regular laminate floor, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. The wear layer is thick and solid, giving it the feel of a hardwood.

  2. A floating laminate floor does not have to be installed by the tedious and demanding processes of nail-down or glue-down installation. It requires less effort and time for the installation.

  3. It can be easily installed over previous or existing floors, whatever material the subfloor is made of. Whether it is plywood, concrete slab, or OSB, a floating laminate floor can be installed by simply floating the flooring boards over the original flooring or subfloor.

  4. Any small or large part of a floating laminate floor can be replaced anytime for multiple reasons including wear and tear.

A floating laminate floor has the ease of maintenance of a usual laminate floor, yet it is durable and tough as a hardwood floor. And obviously it is of little surprise that they are gaining popularity with homeowners.

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