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Manufactured Stone Veneer Articles

Lightweight and Easy-to-Install Cement Faux Stone Siding

What These Natural-Looking Cement Siding Can Do For Your Home
Replicating the look of stone has been one of the greatest innovations of the construction world. The natural appearance and subtle gradations of stone colors have made it a very enviable asset to properties all over the world. In the old days, only those homes belonging to the well-to-do crowd could afford the protection and beauty that only stone can provide. Technology has come a long way since those early days, and we can now enjoy faux stone siding that looks and feels like real stone, but at a fraction of the price and weight.

Faux Stone In Your Home
Faux stone is usually used as an exterior siding to give a home that traditional yet also very modern look. And today's faux stone siding are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing!

Made from cement that has been poured into molds which are derived from natural stone, faux stone siding captures the contours of natural stone. The process results in a great siding option; lightweight, easy to install, and also very durable. Siding like this helps to protect your home from the ravages of weather and also adds structural strength.

The Convenient Choice
An advantage of faux stone siding over its natural counterpart is the fact that it is so lightweight. Installing natural stone to the side of your home has always been a backbreaking task, which also requires adequate structural strength of the property as whole to account for the excess weight. Natural slabs are bulky, difficult to carry, and finally install.

Faux stone siding has the beauty and durability of natural stone minus the hassles. It comes in pre-manufactured panels or in lightweight single �stones� that are ready to install on your home. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a faux stone siding in no time.

Taking Care of Your Faux Stone Siding
The beauty of installing faux stone siding is that it hardly ever needs cleaning in order to maintain its striking appearance. In fact, in order to keep your faux stone siding in top shape, all it needs is an occasional hosing down in order to remove the grit and dust that may have accumulated in its crevices. This is all you need to maintain your faux stone siding. This is certainly appealing to homeowners today who are just simply too busy with their lives to think about cleaning the outside of a house. This siding option is certainly fitted for modern times.

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