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Slate Pavers

Slate Pavers from BuildDirect

Slate Pavers from BuildDirect

Our naturally decorative, slip-resistant slate pavers offers you various colors and sizes that reflect the naturally occurring tonal variations that make each paver you buy a unique signature for your landscape projects.  And our slate pavers also feature a textural dimension that adds visual and practical value; slip-resistance, visual contrast, and long-lasting performance.  With a typical range of cuts from 6”x6” to 24”x24”, design possibilities for your custom layouts offer you a great deal of potential for large scale installations in residential and commercial settings alike. 

Slate Pavers to Appeal to Your Expert Eye

Our premium slate pavers make each installation an individual visual statement from project to project.  Slate pavers have the durability and look to complete a wide variety of your landscape projects meant to last for decades.

With our slate paver selection, we lend you our expert eye for premium quality, ensuring the best look and long-term performance; and all at the best possible price.  Getting slate pavers more directly from where the raw slate is quarried, means a better price. And the quality expected by professionals and non-professionals alike is assured.

Explore the wonderfully varied tonal range of our premium slate pavers. Feel free to contact a friendly BuildDirect product specialist if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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Slate Pavers

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