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Slate Tile

Slate Tile from BuildDirect

Our Roterra and Cabot slate tile are trusted for flooring and wall tile, adding durability, permanence, practicality, and an attractive tonally varied surface that can define a space.  These tiles are premium quality, cut to specification, and designed to be installed easily for impressive results long afterwards, both inside and out.

The robust nature of slate tile may be traced to its harsh beginning, formed under tremendous pressure and heat deep in the earth.  The product of slit, volcanic rock, and a number of trace minerals, our slate tiles reflect an earthy, rugged beauty that is instantly recognizable.

Our slate tiles are noted for offering:

  • Great Looks

    - an attractive color spectrum - gray, amber, purple/mauve, gold

  • Versatility

    - for use indoors and out

  • Practicality and Safety

    - slip-resistant surfaces for a level of safety for your space

  • Durability and Long-life

    - resistance to wear that enables them to last

Slate Tiles for Flooring and Walls

Roterra and Cabot slate tile flooring presents a range of colors to be applied to walls and floors. The subtle textures and color variations that this ruggedly elegant natural stone is known for make slate an attractive and practical choice.
Our slate tiles are made to transform your kitchens, or recreational spaces. Or, our slate surfaces can be applied to areas outdoors like verandas, pool surrounds and as wall cladding too.

Why Buy Slate Tiles From BuildDirect?

Wherever you choose to install them, our slate tiles for floors and exterior wall surfaces are designed to make a positive impression for the long term. Roterra and Cabot brand slate tile is cut to specification, their square edges and flat backs designed for a straight-forward, time-saving installation. For consistent quality, we’ve got the edge on our competitors.

And because we’ve got industry know-how to match our eye for the best in slate tile, you get the best pricing too; highest quality, and lowest price.

Explore our great selection of slate tile flooring, and feel free to ask a friendly BuildDirect product specialist if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845

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