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Wood Siding Articles

Choosing Exterior Channel Siding For A Rustic Look

The Rustic Appeal of Channel Siding
Quality exterior siding is a key to protecting your home from the ravages of the elements. Siding also adds a decorative touch to your home. There are various exterior siding options that are worth your consideration.

Which Exterior Siding Is Right For Your Home?
There are certain guidelines that could help you determine the right exterior siding to install in your home. Certain factors are to be considered such as your budget, the material your house is built, the weather conditions in your area, the amount of time you plan to devote in maintaining your siding, and a host of others.

In addition to practical demands, aesthetics is a major criterion for installing exterior siding. Siding has the ability to transform a plain exterior to one that has character. There are a variety of siding to choose one, and you are sure to find that will fit your needs.

Choosing the right exterior siding is extremely important because these are meant to protect your home from extreme weather conditions while at the same time adding value and beauty to your home.

Rustic Channel Siding
Channel siding is a popular option for homeowners who wish to impart a traditional appeal to their home. Part of its appeal is it versatility when it comes to installation. Most siding can only be installed one way, but not channel siding. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, even diagonally to give you freedom in choosing which layout is best suited to your home.

Channel siding is a type of lap siding, made from wood (cedar is a popular variety), where each board overlaps the next board, thus lending weather protection and dimensional movement. The shadow line cast by the overlapping boards also give homes a unique aesthetic.

Taking Care of Channel Siding
Since it is made of wood, you can clean channel siding like you would any wooden siding. Pressure hosing them every so often will keep dirt and grime away, and help maintain the appearance of your channel siding. Care must be taken when pressure hosing, as too much pressure can damage your channel siding, particularly when it�s cedar. Cedar is a hardy wood when it comes to weather-resistance. But, it�s a softwood.

Certain companies also offer cleaning services in the form of steam cleaning. Professional help is a good option particularly if you own a larger home.

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