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30 Coolest LEGO buildings of ALL TIME!

Since the creation of LEGOs in 1949, children and adults alike have spent countless hours stacking the multi-colored pieces to their imagination’s delight. That’s the beauty of this simple toy; the sky is the limit. Though most people build some pretty basic structures, the gallery below is a highlight of some LEGO overachievers that have used the basic building blocks in astonishing ways.
1. The White City

2.  Lego Church

3. Tallest LEGO Tower Ever!

4. Allianz Arena

5. LEGO Venice

6. The LEGO Taj Mahal
7. LEGO Leaning Tower of Pisa
8. LEGO London City Hall
9. LEGO Bejing Bird’s Nest
10. LEGO Montmartre
11.  LEGO New York Skyline
12. LEGO U.S Capitol Building
13. LEGO M.C Escher Paradox Building
14.  LEGO Iconic Buildings
15. LEGO Gherkin Tower
16. LEGO White House

17. LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

18.  LEGO Futurama

19.  LEGO Parthenon

20. LEGO Cathedral and City Building

21. LEGO Scottish Castle

22. LEGO Hotel

23. LEGO St. Paul’s Cathedral

24. LEGO Clock Tower

25. LEGO Chrysler Building

26. LEGO London Tower Bridge

27. Downtown LEGO City

28.  LEGO London BT Tower

29. LEGO Bavaria

30.  LEGO Air Craft Carrier

Rob Jones

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  1. these are MIND BOGGLING! They are all terrific, thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. Agreed! I can’t figure out which I’d like more: the skill to create these sculptures, or the time it must have taken to do them. Heck, it’s probably the time.

    Thanks for comments!

  3. Leslie Robinson Reply to Leslie

    I love the Lego Venice! Lego is the best children’s toy ever invented, if you ask me. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Late at night when the lights are out and I am sneakily walking through the house trying to be quiet and I step on a lego that has been left out … THAT is the ONLY time I really hate them …. other than that, I have always loved LEGOs….These are some pretty impressive creations … My 7 year old says he wants to be a LEGO master when he grows up. He is super obsessed with LEGOs ….

  5. These are all very cool. I think Montmarte is my favorite.

  6. Myke Winters Reply to Myke

    21. The Scottish Castle is in fact the Tower of London or the White Tower

    24. The Lego Clock Tower is Big Ben

  7. alfred martin Reply to alfred

    I love the lego Aircraft Carrier, as I was on one!

  8. Lego lover Reply to Lego

    If you’re interested in labelling the others: the downtown is Columbus, Ohio.
    The hotel is actually the Dakota (apartment building where John lennon lived)
    The city building is the Flatiron building in New York.

    Great pictures!

  9. Kartar Singh Reply to Kartar

    These all buildings are awesome. I am glad to see those lego buildings. Thanks for posting this great article on your website.


  11. The Chrysler building is as impressive in lego as it is in person!

    All of these creations are amazing. Long live Lego!!

  12. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Those are the best lego towers I`ve ever scene!

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