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Problems With Laminate Flooring

1. The smooth surfaces of laminate flooring often bring about the problem of safety should it become wet. Whether it is water, fruit punch or another type of drink, should somebody slip on the mess it can be dangerous. The person can slide across the room or fall down to the floor. Unfortunately, this can happen even if the floor is completely dry. Among the problems with laminate flooring, this is perhaps one of the most notable.

2. Although some homeowners may consider laminate flooring to be strong, it is actually quite weak and susceptible to scratching, which means that problems with laminate flooring are hard to ignore. For example, should somebody walk across the floor in high-heeled shoes, or drag a heavy piece of furniture, there can be problems with laminate flooring as a result. It is important to avoid wearing shoes in the laminated area and, if possible, carry all furniture so that it does not need to be dragged.

3. Liquids on the floor can not only work as a safety hazard, but they can also damage the laminate. If not cleaned up quickly and efficiently the water can seep into the flooring, causing small, puffy mounds to appear. This creates an unattractive look that makes it harder for homes or places of business to sell.

4. Over time, laminate flooring can fade, no matter how little sunlight it is exposed to. This gives it a shorter life than regular wood flooring.

5. Laminate flooring can rise at the corners; this is also referred to as peaking. A common cause of this issue sits with the weather, and some people try to prevent this from happening by covering problem areas with heavy objects; however, this tactic rarely helps.

6. If the flooring is not installed properly the floor can look as though it is full of gaps. This dissolves the illusion of hard wood flooring and only leads to the need for re-installation with the costs riding on the homeowner’s shoulders.

7. No matter how much a person may want to attempt it, laminate floors cannot be sanded or refinished. The ways in which it can be treated is very limited. In addition to this fact, laminate flooring is of a hard nature, and thus it will make noise when something or somebody is moving across it.

8. Laminate flooring is not proper for bathrooms, basements, and any areas that are frequently exposed to moisture. This can be limiting and does not leave much freedom for expression and creativity.

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