Sadly, there's no such thing as
real chocolate flooring...

We made it up!

But, it was fun to imagine that there could be, especially on April Fool’s Day.
Thanks for playing along with us!

For those of you who didn’t get to see our video about real chocolate flooring, take a look at it below.

Chocolate Toned Flooring

Not real chocolate, but flooring you can sink your (designer’s) teeth into!

Beyond our wild imaginations, the appeal of the chocolate floor is about a uniquely rich color spectrum. That’s one of the reasons that BuildDirect really does (seriously this time!) have a range products that capture that spectrum of decorative color that everyone loves so much.
Thanks again for playing along! And thanks for browsing our range of products featuring that chocolaty color spectrum, perfect for all kinds of spaces.
See a variety of home improvement products that demonstrates the dark richness of chocolate colors.

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