At BuildDirect, we believe anything is possible.

Our vision of possibilities began with two friends, Jeff Booth and Rob Banks, and how together they were going to completely deconstruct the home improvement and building supplies industry, and build a completely new way for consumers to connect with those who can help them make their house a home.

Jeff and Rob saw a problem that most told them they could not fix. That the industry was bigger than them. With hundreds of thousands of manufacturers funnelling their products through a supply chain filled with layers of agents and distributors, most saw a model that was set and immoveable. Jeff and Rob saw possibilities.

And they knew that their drive and vision combined with technology, would change how consumers and manufacturers – to eventually, designers, shippers and trades, could directly connect. They knew they could build a simple, trusted and efficient home improvement industry we call a home marketplace.

Our new home marketplace is a platform built on technology. One where a real-time signal on consumer needs, preferences and feedback helps sellers to be better. Better at expanding into new markets with minimal cost. Better at manufacturing and warehousing to consumer demand to reduce production costs. And better at knowing which of their products are winners – which for many is in a matter of weeks, so they are responsive to consumer feedback.

Consumers benefit from BuildDirect’s home marketplace too. They get a better way to browse, select and ship more products to their home they could ever find under one roof. Better prices – up to 80% less – without sacrificing quality. And better service – free product samples, access to trained experts via phone, online chat or email and BuildDirect’s 30-day, free return guarantee. And this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned to what comes next. We’re opening a world of possibilities.


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