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As low as
$159.99 pc

  • Strongest natural stone in the industry
  • Heat, abrasion, moisture resistant
  • Stunning speckled appearance

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As low as
$2.52 sq ft

  • Versatile large scale applications
  • Expertly quarried, cut, polished, and finished
  • Polished on one side for refined look

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As low as
$189 piece

  • Multipurpose surface; great for cooking and crafting
  • Trend forward designs
  • Low maintenance

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Countertops from BuildDirect

BuildDirect supplies granite countertops and vanity tops for both household and commercial applications. Granite is an ideal material for countertops and vanity tops because it is one of nature's hardest and densest materials. It is also a stylish option combining the beauty of natural stone with its outstanding durability. It is easy to underestimate how much wear and tear household or commercial countertop surfaces must endure every day. Countertops can be subjected to extreme temperatures, abrasive materials, moisture, and other stresses that can quickly take their toll on inferior surfaces. When what is needed is a tough, wear-resistant surface, and one which also adds distinguished character to its surrounding space, granite is the ideal countertop or vanity top solution. At BuildDirect's unbeatable wholesale prices, granite is now a truly affordable option.


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