Faux Stone Siding Panels

Faux Stone Siding Panels from BuildDirect

BuildDirect provides you with the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get the look of stone for your exteriors. And with siding panel systems, you’re getting the ease and affordability that’s hard to beat anywhere else. Our StoneWorks siding panel systems offer the contours, colors, and visual effects that allow you to transform your residential or commercial space.

Our StoneWorks selections are derived from high-impact resistant polyurethane, offered in a variety of styles from brick patterns, to stacked stone, to rock face, all highly rendered to look just like the real thing. These siding panel systems are cast from real stone, with every detail of real stone surfaces captured in a versatile, lightweight material that is an affordable alternative to traditional stone siding.

Benefits of StoneWorks siding panel systems:

  • Their lightweight nature makes managing materials on a job site a snap. You can cut, carry, and install StoneWorks siding panel systems by yourself. And this means you’re also saving additional cost of labor.
  • Ease of installation is a given, with standard power tools, screws, and adhesives as your only requirements for a long-lasting exterior.
  • The extra insulation that StoneWorks siding panel systems lend to your property increases energy-efficiency, and increases its R-value too.
  • Quite simply, StoneWorks siding panels look like the real thing. For the effect of stone without the requirements of installing it, this is the answer to the question “how do I get the look of stone easily and inexpensively?”

Explore your choices in siding panel systems from BuildDirect with a selection of our StoneWorks lines. Feel free to speak with a friendly BuildDirect product specialist if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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