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Explore our wide variety of unique glass mosaics!
Explore our wide variety of unique glass mosaics!
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Glass Mosaic from BuildDirect

Glass blend mosaics are what you’re looking for when stylish contrast is a priority in kitchens, bathrooms, and even for exterior spaces. Used for backsplashes, shower inlays, and any vertical application, glass blend mosaics provide a way to bring out stylish contrasts, subtle artistry, striking focal points, and high-performing practicality.

The “blend” part of the equation here can be a wide variety of materials mixed with premium glass tile. Ceramic and porcelain, metal, and natural stone can all be a part of that mix, depending on your preference, and the design effects you’re after. With these selections of mixed materials, you open up a world of design possibilities with the best in all worlds of texture, color, and overall visual effect.

How we offer Glass Blend Mosaics for Less

BuildDirect knows that you have high standards for glass blend mosaics, and for any materials to transform your spaces. And we know that you expect value for money as well. So, we have high standards, too. We work with the best glass blend mosaics manufacturers, making sure of quality.

Our expertise in bringing the best products to market using Internet technology means that we’re able to cut away the fat of the tradition process to get building materials to market. This means fewer players in that process. And it means less expense is passed on to you, our customer. So, you’re getting the best glass blend mosaics for much less than you’ll see at your local retailer.

Why Choose Glass Blend Mosaics?
  • You’ll benefit from unique and complementary textures, colors, and patterning that bring out the best in any space
  • You’ll gain an interior design element that serves equally as an effective focal point, or subtle accent piece in whichever space you’ve got in mind
  • You’ll achieve a way to bring out the visual value in surrounding décor, including other wall tile in a variety of spaces
  • You’ll benefit from surfaces that are designed by nature, and by design, to be highly resilient, and therefore designed to last
  • You’ll create a unique visual statement using materials that have been used in the same way since civilization began
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