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Glass mosaics are well-established, serving as surfaces for wall coverings and for decorative patterning that date back to the ancient world. From the Roman Empire, to Middle-Eastern and Far Eastern civilizations, glass mosaics made tasteful design into a centerpiece for everyday life. It was in these times and places that glass mosaics were celebrated as artistic statements as well as practical décor for homes and public buildings.

And even now in the 21st Century, the unique artistic splendor of these surfaces as wall tile and for backsplashes is easily a part of a modern, decorative, and highly practical interior. Balancing practical value against bright and bold colors and patterning, glass mosaics are highly sought-after for kitchens, bathrooms, and for any space where vibrant accents make for fascinating interior design elements.

How we offer Glass Mosaics for Less

BuildDirect understands that you’re looking for the best glass tile mosaics available. You’re looking for the best value, too. So, we work closely with manufacturers to make sure that you’re getting the best quality at the best possible price by eliminating some of the steps it takes to get them to market. It’s that simple.

We strive to create the most efficient way for you to buy glass tile mosaics, which means that we can offer them at a price that you will not find at your local retailer. As a result, the practical and decorative benefits they offer can help you transform your spaces well within your budget.

Why Choose Glass Mosaics?

  • You'll gain the versatility and unique artistry of a material that has been relied upon for thousands of years, and across many cultures
  • You'll enjoy an incredibly varied range of styles, patterns, and colors that are sure to enliven any interior or exterior space
  • You'll be creatively inspired by the range of layout options that makes your mosaic tile project entirely your own
  • You'll gain a highly practical wall or backsplash surface that is moisture-proof, stain-proof, anti-fungal and microbial
  • You'll have the advantage of a low-maintenance surface that is ready to endure for the long-term

Pick your glass mosaics by:


Glass tile mosaics are offered in a wide tonal spectrum, from fiery, bold colors to more muted and earthy tones. What these colors can offer a space is a subtle, yet extremely important stylistic layer to help you transform it into a place for comfort, imagination, and vitality.

From passionate reds, to restful blue-gray tones, to organic greens, using glass mosaic tile in an interior or even an exterior space represents a chance to establish the mood you want, or to balance one out using an accent wall, or artistically patterned trim. In terms of design, glass tile mosaics offer tasteful focal points, or understated supporting elements equally well. The possibilities are yours to explore.


Even though glass tile mosaics are well-established across many cultures and eras, they are still very much a contemporary design addition to all kinds of spaces. This is because the range of style is nearly as varied as the color spectrums you’ll find.

Some glass tile mosaics are transparent. Some are semi-opaque, to allow subtle light diffusion. From cut glass, to cast glass, to layered or laminated glass tile mosaic, each style has its own look, and is ready to support your transformational visions for a space.


The patterning possibilities found in glass tile mosaics allows your project to be unique to you, and to the style you most admire in any space.

If you’re looking for a multicolored array to spice up more neutral tones, or whether you’re looking to create a more uniform look using the power of a single color palette, glass tile mosaics are an element that can bring your project to life.

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