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Formed over millennia in subterranean water systems, and in the beds of ancient oceans, limestone tile makes a unique decorative statement in a variety of settings, and for a variety of uses too. Popular in the medieval period for the construction of castles, forts, and cathedrals (many of which stand today), limestone has been a workhorse in a reliable building material for thousands of years. Rugged, durable, yet with a refined beauty all of its own, limestone tile is gaining in popularity as flooring, and for use in exterior facades, lending an old-world appeal to residences and commercial property much in the same way as its close cousin travertine tile does.

Limestone tile from BuildDirect is of the highest quality, designed for refined look and high performance. And because BuildDirect delivers limestone tile directly from where it is quarried and cut, customers looking for the best in natural stone tile gain the best price, and lose nothing of the quality which is expected in the best limestone tile to be found anywhere in the world.

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