Metal Mosaic

Metal Mosaic from BuildDirect

For elemental beauty and strength, the presence of metal mosaic tile is unique. Especially, although not exclusively, designed for kitchen and bathroom wall tile and backsplashes, metal mosaic tile is a decorative and highly practical surface for areas known for high moisture.

With metal mosaic tile, utility doesn’t come at a cost to striking design. You get both at the same time. The highly reflective surfaces of metal mosaic tile add the play of natural light to their subtle color spectrums, bringing visual value of all kinds. And beyond kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tile installations, metal mosaic tile is a popular go-to material for 21st century contemporary design, particularly for accent walls and accessory patterning flourishes that brings any space to life.

How we offer Metal Mosaics for Less

At BuildDirect, we know that you’re looking for stylish metal mosaic tile surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, and accent pieces for the best possible price. Usually, these kinds of materials don’t come cheap. Metal mosaic tile from BuildDirect is priced right because we work so closely with manufacturers to cut out the steps it usually takes to get these high-quality tile surfaces to market.

We accentuate the expertise of metal mosaic tile manufacturers by adding our own expertise in delivering them to you in the most efficient way there is. And because there are fewer parties involved in getting them to you, we pass on the cost savings to you on the best metal mosaic tile.

Why Choose Metal Mosaics?

  • You’ll get stylish, unique surfaces applicable to kitchens, baths, and accent walls, and beyond
  • You’ll add an element that fits into a variety of interior design directions; Contemporary, Neo-Victorian, 21st century minimalist, and more
  • You’ll see the subtle difference that a reflective metal mosaic tile can make when it comes to natural and artificial lighting effects
  • You’ll get a moisture-resistant and stain-resistant surface that is easy to maintain
  • You’ll benefit from a unique surface that adds a sense of permanence to key areas in your home or other property

Pick your metal mosaics by:


Metal mosaic tile offers varied color ranges from selection to selection. And within those selections, there is a rich tonal spectrum that interacts with your lighting, too. This makes for a wall tile or backsplash surface that adds a level of artistry that never gets old.

Depending on your choice of lighting, and exposure to natural light, your metal mosaic tile installation will be unique to your space, no matter which color selection you decide upon. At different times of day, your kitchen, bathroom, or other interior space can take on a whole new visual personality.


The venerable and highly enduring presence of metal mosaic tile surfaces offers a unique style. Reflective and burnished, or opaque varieties of metal mosaic tile offer even more decorative possibilities. Let your sense of style be your guide, and you will find the perfect option in no time.

Whichever design direction you decide on, metal mosaic tile is elementally stylish, rightly associated with contemporary aesthetics. This is a thoroughly modern, 21st century surface that adds boldness, unassuming subtlety, and everything in between.


For flat surfaces, or raised tactile ones, metal mosaic tile offers a range of options that can appeal to senses beyond the visual. Of course, this is not to say that visual effects and texture aren’t related!

Within these options, the “grain patterns” found in BuildDirect’s range of metal mosaic tile surfaces add a quiet, yet detailed, stylistic element that appeals to modern design sensibilities.

Want to know more?

Have you got questions about metal mosaics from BuildDirect? Explore our selection of metal mosaics and feel free to ask one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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