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Your options are:

  • Fiber Cement
  • Wood
  • Manufactured Stone
  • Faux Stone
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Vinyl
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Fiber Cement

As low as
$1.98 sq ft

  • Refined, authentic wood-look
  • Exceptional weather resistance
  • No prep or painting required
  • Flame-resistant

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As low as
$1.99 sq ft

  • Cedar Wood Siding, and more
  • Natural weather resistance
  • Natural insulator
  • Traditional, Rustic curb appeal

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As low as
$3.49 sq ft

  • Adds structural strength
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Easy and affordable to install
  • Very low maintenance

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Faux Stone

As low as
$4.69 sq ft

  • Affordable, authentic stone-look
  • Improves insulation
  • Easy to install panel system

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As low as
$2.39 sq ft

  • Striking curb appeal
  • Natural weather resistance
  • Choice of colors, textures & materials
  • Easy to install panel system

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As low as
$0.93 sq ft

  • Wide selection of colors
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Planks, Cedar Shake-look, and more
  • Easy maintenance, install

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Siding from BuildDirect

Quality siding can be a defining feature of your residential and commercial exteriors. It can also help to ensure a quality that can never be repeated: a positive first impression from the outside in. Of course when it comes to investing in your exterior, there are practical benefits too; structural strength, improved insulation, and weather resistance.

Whatever your siding needs, BuildDirect has got your exteriors covered. We've got the quality siding materials you're looking for, at unbeatable prices. That’s how we’re transforming our industry for the better; by creating an efficient and affordable channel for you to get the best siding for the lowest prices there are.

Types of quality siding at BuildDirect

Many people are turning to wood siding to gain the organic warmth that wood provides. Sometimes, wood siding is associated with homey, rustic exteriors. But, there are plenty of wood siding options that fit in very well with a modern sensibility, too.

For those of you looking for the sturdy beauty and natural color variation found in natural stone, we offer a selection of natural stone siding in a rich array of colors. Natural stone exteriors tie your property to traditions stretching back to the dawn of history! But since then, quality siding has been presented in many modern forms as well.

Manufactured stone is also a popular choice for that old-world feel, with modern innovation at its core. This type of siding is also noted for its highly realistic properties, and innovative design that allows for easier installations to gain those sturdy and venerable visual effects you’re looking for.

With its benefits of look and functionality, quality fiber cement siding represents the cutting edge of modern siding innovation, reproducing the look of wood siding surfaces.  And of course vinyl siding has come a long way in the 21st century as an incredibly versatile and long-lasting option for modern exteriors.

Shakes, shingles, panels, wood, stone, faux stone and beyond

At BuildDirect, we’ve made connections in the siding industry with some of the best producers of quality siding in operation today.

Whatever your stylistic preferences, there is a selection of siding that will suit what you’ve got in mind. And because we are committed to ongoing partnerships with the experts, and with a pledge to continuing to eliminate the unnecessary costs in the traditional supply chain, we’re able to offer the best materials at the best prices.

Making a great first impression with your exterior is easy. And with BuildDirect, it’s within your budget too. Here’s to great exteriors, boosted curb appeal, long lasting surfaces, and unbeatable savings along the way!

Take a look at the selection of quality siding at BuildDirect to find a way to create your perfect exterior.

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