Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding from BuildDirect

Vinyl siding is a lightweight, durable, attractive, and supremely low-maintenance exterior cladding material, trusted for decades in all kinds of contexts. Much like other materials that use vinyl as a base, it’s evolved for the 21st century, too. The industry has adapted new technologies and new standards for vinyl siding that help it to resist UV rays, excessive moisture, and high winds to a greater degree than ever before.

Offered in a rich array of colors, textures, and even shapes, vinyl siding is an affordable choice too. You’ll get the versatile visual effects you’re after to boost your curb appeal, while staying well within your budget. You also gain all of the practical benefits of a siding material that you can count on to perform over the long-term.

There are other benefits to consider, too. Vinyl siding includes impressive insulative properties to help you manage your energy use more efficiently; that means even more savings. With vinyl siding, you also save a lot of time as well as money; you’ll never have to paint it or stain it. And keeping it looking like new is easy too; just a garden hose and mild soap is all you need.

How BuildDirect offers vinyl siding for less

Pride in your exterior is important, and definitely worth your investment. But, we know that you want the best return for that investment, without spending your money to support unnecessary costs that add no value to you. That’s where BuildDirect comes in. We’ve spent years streamlining the process from the manufacturing process, to shipping, to delivery. And the high quality in vinyl siding you expect is always preserved.

Through Internet technology, and our own logistics networks that cut out the waste in the process, we can reduce the cost of getting the materials to where you need them. That’s the result of technical understanding, but also the result of close industry ties to deliver the best products available, delivered to your site directly at prices that fit within your budget. This is value you won’t see at a big box store.

Why choose vinyl siding at BuildDirect?

  • An array of options that add visual pop, and curb appeal “wow”
  • Low-maintenance surfaces that save you time; no painting, no staining, easy to clean
  • Stands up in a wide variety of climates, designed for long-term performance
  • Impressive insulative qualities that help you make more efficient use of your energy consumption
  • Versatile applications, from residences to commercial projects

Want to know more?

Have you got questions about vinyl siding from BuildDirect? Talk to our sales department at 1 877 631 2845. Or, send an email to We’re here to help.