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Wood Siding from BuildDirect

Red cedar is a hearty and beautiful siding material. In its natural state, the color range of cedar siding is from honey brown to deep cinnamon red. As cedar ages with the seasons, it transforms into a natural silvery gray. Naturally resilient, cedar siding stands up to all weather conditions, and is also resistant to pests and to decay. Traditional cedar siding in bevel or channel varieties allows you to transform your exterior by way of rich tones and textured grain patterns. Cedar shakes and cedar shingles, with their individual aesthetic signatures, both share the same beautiful color effects. Cedar siding is very easy to stain should you prefer to add a stain for your personal color choice and further expand your aesthetic options. Whatever your choice, the effect that cedar siding has on a property is that of elegance, and visual warm welcome to all who view it.

BuildDirect stands behind Cedar West cedar siding for both look, performance and longevity. BuildDirect makes sure that the quality of every type of cedar siding remains high, while at the same time making sure that buyers enjoy the best pricing on shingles, shakes, and traditional siding choices. Without the middle parties involved in getting premium cedar siding to customers, there are fewer mark-ups, and quality is never an issue.

Explore a range of sturdy and tasteful cedar siding from BuildDirect, and feel free to ask a friendly BuildDirect product specialist if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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