10 All Inspiring Home Decorating Tips for 2012

Not everyone has the budget to fully remodel or redecorate their home but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for stale interiors. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a helpful gallery of all inspiring home decorating tips that can be done on the cheap – little projects that can go a long way in improving your homes décor.

1. Wall Stencils

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to liven up most any room of your home is a wall stencil. Whether you stencil a single design or dive head first into a full-wall pattern, this easy-to-execute endeavor can add color, dimension, texture and flare where it’s needed most.

2. Re-purposed fireplace

Just because your fireplace is no longer functional is no reason for it to go to waste. Acting like a bit of a 3D picture frame, the space can easily be transformed into a re-purposed tableau or installation for fixtures and over-sized trinkets such as the vases below.

3. Creative lighting

When it comes to lighting, you could easily go with the norm, or you can get creative. Rather than go with standard track lighting, mundane ceiling fixtures or a single canister light in the center of the room, show your personality by being a bit more random about your placements – it creates an ambiance all its own!

4. Empty frames

Many homes have the obligatory Hallway of Fame; the overbearing collection of aged pictures that are awkwardly hung in a bunch, but is that the most stylish approach? No. Instead of adding to the clutter of your home, how about featuring your photos elsewhere and turning your hallway into the monochromatic installation seen below?

5. Shadow Boxes

If you’re looking for yet another way to add some eye-candy to your walls, shadow boxes are a great way to add to the overall aesthetic without having to paint. Much like the fireplace “installations” above, each shadow box can be turned into its own entity of design by featuring your favorite wares and/or other elements that really show off your personality.

6. Creative Centerpieces

Centerpieces for your tables and counters are a great way to add some auxiliary flare to your décor; however, they can also get tacky in a hurry! Well, with Easter just around the corner, here is a subtle way to dress up the holiday without overdoing the elementary Easter egg theme.

7. Stair face decoration

While most people spend all of their time sprucing up the walls, they quickly forget that their staircase is made up of many tiny walls. Yep, when done with taste, adding a design element to the face of each stair step can quickly separate your home décor from the rest of the tunnel-visioned pack.

8. Vintage oddities

If you spent a solid day visiting all of the vintage shops in your town, you would find an endless supply of potential décor. While they might not always be the most obvious candidates for “designer” fixtures, let this stack of vintage suitcases be an example of the magical design powers of vintage oddities.

9. Pick a color

This is obviously a more contemporary approach and wouldn’t necessarily vibe with a more rustic eye for design, however, featuring monochromatic furniture with the accent of a singular bold color (in this case, red) is a great way to make any room pop.

10. Power wall

Speaking of picking a color and riding it for all its worth, if all of the walls in your home are painted the same color, you’ve done something wrong. That said, each room should have one wall of a different color – the bolder the better! While most designers would call this an “accent” wall, it doesn’t take a professional to figure out why we’ve called it a power wall.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of all inspiring home decorating tips for the modern home. We understand that not everybody has an endless budget when it comes to home décor; therefore, we trust that these tips will provide some big design at minimal expense.

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