10 Coat Hooks of Distinction

coat hook
If you’ve seen one coat hook, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. While your average coat hook may not get much of a reaction, we’ve compiled this gallery of ultra unique coat hooks of distinction – coat hooks that are far from average!

1. Tree Branches

Bringing a dose of The Great Outdoors to the interior of your home, these repurposed tree branches turned rustic coat hooks are a really crafty use of Mother Nature’s free materials.

2. Hose Handles

Speaking of the outdoors serving indoor purposes, even though these aren’t Mother Nature’s creations, these garden hose faucet handles are fun and colorful option for highly functional indoor coat hooks.

3. Beer Bottles

Although these unique hooks are constructed from pretty common glass soda and beer bottles, they’ve earned their distinction by being used in ways we never thought possible. Don’t try this at home!

4. Paint Brushes

For the artistic variety, by dipping the bristles of a paintbrush into a hardening resin, here is another common household product that is now serving an entirely different function than it was originally intended.

5. Darts

While this simply looks like a game of darts gone terribly wrong, believe it or not, these unique coat hooks are actually quite intentional and a perfect accessory for any kind of game, bonus or hobby room.

6. Stilettos

Here’s a great way to put your old pumps to work! Yep, if a pair of your old stilettos is past its prime, simply up-cycle the heel itself in making it one pretty handy coat hook of distinction.

7. Joysticks

For every stiletto wearing fashionista, there’s the “gamer” counterpart. While they might not see eye to eye in most matters, with these creative console controller hooks, they’ve both shown that they’re capable of repurposing their passions in creating coat hooks of distinction.

8. Antlers

Combining natural themes with ultra modern brushed steel, these funky antler themed coat hooks manage to be rustic and contemporary all at once. A great accessory for a household that can’t make up its mind!


9. Upside Down

While these mundane hangers are being used for their original purpose, you’ll notice that something isn’t quite right. Yep, even though they’re fulfilling their natural calling, they’ve earned their distinction by doing things in their own upside down kind of way. Kudos!

10. Hand Hooks

Last but not least, like something you’d see in Willy Wonka’s wacky Chocolate Factory, this hand hook is eerie and stylish all at once – of course, the difference being that this hand won’t reach out and grab you or your belongings!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of unique coat hooks with distinction. Above all, we hope that it has shown you that even though coat hooks are a standard household item; they don’t have to be boring.

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