10 Easy Ways To Banish Bugs Naturally

mosquito at sunset

Don’t let pesky insects spoil your summer! Read on for some natural, easy ways keep them away.


Summertime is a great time to go outside and play – unfortunately it’s also when the insects come out to play! You could go out and buy bug sprays and other products to help with the problem, but most of those are loaded with chemicals and unsafe to have around you, your family, and your pets. Plus they aren’t cheap! Here are a few easy inexpensive things you should pick up to help with your pest problem:

1. Cooking herbs

Planting some herbs around the doors and windows of your home will deter insects. Any fragrant herb will work – lemongrass, oregano, basil, and mint are excellent choices. Plant what you like so you can make it work double duty by cooking with it too.

These herbs can also be mixed up with water and put in a spray bottle to spray around you while outside to naturally repel any insects trying to fly into your mouth or food.

2. Catnip

This is a good plant to grow around your yard as mosquitoes hate the smell of catnip!

Like with the other herbs I mentioned above, catnip can also be put into a spray bottle with water and sprayed around your home on carpets, etc to make the cockroaches and other indoor insects scatter away permanently. But be prepared to watch your cat go nuts!

3. Chalk

Did you know that ants will not cross a chalk line? It’s true! Drawing a line of chalk on the ground around your garden or in front of your door or window will prevent them from coming near it.

4. Cinnamon

Most insects are not big fans of cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon around your house – on window sills, by your sink, etc to keep the flies and other creepy crawlies away. Bonus – your house will smell like you’ve just baked something!

5. Cedar

Moths HATE cedar! Put some cedar chips in and around your closets and any other areas you see moths to keep them from chewing up your clothes and linens.

6. Lavender

Here’s another great way to keep moths away from your clothes – fill a sachet with lavender or put a few drops of natural lavender oil on a clean cloth and store it in your closet.

7. Citrus

Take the peels of any citrus fruit and scatter them around your counters and on windowsills. Squeeze the rest of the fruit into a spray bottle with some water and lightly spray the counters. This works especially well for keeping spiders away.

8. Garlic

Eating a lot of garlic works well to make your body a natural deterrent for insects – and vampires! If you’re not keen on eating a lot of garlic or you need a quicker fix mix some up with water and spray or wipe on your body. Just watch the bugs – and maybe even your friends – run away from you!

9. Vinegar

Wipe down your counters with a solution of vinegar mixed with water. This is a great way to keep ants off your surfaces.

A bowl of vinegar, a few drops of dishwashing liquid and some water left on the counter manages to catch those nasty fruit flies.

10. Cleaning products

While these products themselves don’t repel insects, keeping a clean home will. Bugs are attracted to grime and will nest – leading to MANY more! Vinegar and baking soda or another natural cleaning solution will do the trick without adding any extra toxins to your home. Vacuum floors fairly often and keep all areas crumb free. Wash your bedding a few times a week in hot water.

What works for you?

Have you tried any of these natural remedies? What tips do you have for keeping pests away? Let us know in the comments.

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