10 Garden Pots of Distinction

Not all garden pots are equal. You want them to match or contrast with your surroundings to help complement your overall outdoor design. It’s about giving some of the orderliness of the rest of your home to the outside, untamed part. Here are 10 ideas to help you do that.

1. Give those greens a name

Not all of us are born with green thumbs and lists of various plants and herbs carefully categorized in our brains. Sometimes you just look at a plant and think: “Parsley? Oregano? Fern?” Even for those of us who do know a tomato plant from a begonia might just like the labels anyway – because we can’t stop naming the things we like most.


2. What’s on your mind?

As with naming your garden pots, putting in descriptive words or statements can give your garden a quirky or amusing spirit. We go into a garden expecting to be immersed in the physical world and nature and end up brought back to the present with written language, the same as if you were looking at magnetic messages on your fridge. This works especially well with unexpected words (eg. “Plastic” or “Screaming” in the middle of a flower garden.

Source: pinner.in via Alvera on Pinterest


3. True Blue

Plenty of garden pots are brown, tan or sand-colored, reflecting the shade of local soil. But blue and green go together like seaweed on a sea floor. Injecting a bit of blue into your backyard reflects the summer sky and gives you a cooling effect.


4. Garden pots as art

These designs evoke sunsets or fantastic landscapes that might be inspired by your immediate surroundings or a reminder of travels taken. Pots like these can help your plants become the focal point for your garden path or back yard oasis.


5. Introduce texture

These pots help accentuate the background, particularly if stone or clay are already part of the scene. It’s an organic look that is often missing from even carefully-planned gardens.


6. Add a bit of culture

Aged (or at least aged-looking) materials like these can give a classical Mediterranean feel to your back yard. It also helps add a bit of continuity between a stylish interior and exterior.

Source: bhldn.com via Amy on Pinterest


7. Paris-style!

If you need a garden space that reflects your haute-couture self, these stylish numbers could be just the ticket. High heels, a glass of wine and a flowing summer dress would not be out of place next to these bad boys.


8. Desert Bloom

We don’t all live in climates friendly to growing big gardens with lush vegetation. These pot holders are perfect for cacti, seeming to provide a little private ecosystem for the hardy desert plants. It’s like an oasis in your oasis.

Source: google.com via FeeFee,RN on Pinterest


9. Pastel Pots

Warm and welcoming colors can help bring some of the comfort of your kitchen out into the world. Soft pastels go well with greens and radiant floral palette of most gardens. Mix and match to suit your style.

Source: foundhomestore.co.uk via Thom on Pinterest


10. Have Fun with Your Fence

A fence is a barrier to keep out unwanted pests (well, unwanted guests – sometimes the same thing). But on our walls inside our homes, we put up art to decorate and break up the monotony – why not do the same thing with your “outside walls”? Put up some flower pots and play with the vertical that is sometimes ignored.

Source: google.com via Nanette on Pinterest



Garden pots are pieces of art as much as functional outdoor furnishings. What kinds inspire you in your own back yard?

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