10 Green Living New Year’s Resolutions

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Since December commenced, there have been some great ‘How to Have A Green Christmas‘ articles and blog posts out there.  I hope you’ve found them helpful.   At this point of course,  I have been shamefully caught out of time on getting you a  post of my own on this blog before the Christmas season had concluded. So to make up for it I’ve decided to find a few different ideas out there on the interwebs for you to consider for your New Year’s resolutions this year.  And here they are with a few days to spare before we enter a new year, and a new decade too (the Teens? Is that what we’re going to call them?). Take a look at this list of 10 green living New Year’s resolutions from 10 New Year’s resolution lists I’ve found, and and decide for yourself

  1. Own less stuff that you don’t need.  Buy less of the same.  (From the Centre For Sustainable Energy in California)
  2. Carpool one day a week. (GCBA Australia)
  3. Use canvas shopping bags and say no to plastic. (California Green Solutions)
  4. Give your HVAC system a tune-up for energy efficiency on a yearly basis. (Green Talk)
  5. Walk and bike to short distance destinations instead of driving. (Zero Footprint Carbon Countdown Blog)new-years-2010
  6. Recycle at home, in your place of business, and get involved in recycling programs in your local community. (Low Impact Living)
  7. Use motion sensors on outdoor lights, so that lights come on only when needed. (The Huffington Post).
  8. Buy local food (The Independent) and/or grow your own (Mother City Living).
  9. Eat less fast food, and reduce the amount  of Styrofoam and plastic packaging in landfill sites (Families Online Magazine).
  10. Don’t lose hope that greener living, encouraging sustainability in your community, and voting for green reforms will affect positive and transformative change. (Greenpeace Canada)

I couldn’t choose just one off of this list of green living New Year’s resolutions from Inhabitat which asks each staff writer to talk about how they’re going to make their respective new year’s more green.  So, choose your favorite and tell me what made you choose it in the comments of this post. Have a happy new year, everyone! Cheers, Rob.

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