10 Houses That Christmas Threw-Up On

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, we’ve seen holiday decorations popping up left and right – some in good taste and some just plain tacky. Of course, to make it interesting, we’ve compiled a gallery of over-the-top seasonal décor and highlighted a number of homes that can only be described as houses that Christmas threw-up on!

1. The Christmas Junk Yard

It looks more like the hodgepodge junkyard of Christmas Past than a suburban residence but you have to appreciate the spirit of the season nonetheless. This pile of Christmas Cheer© is the epitome of over-the-top seasonal décor!

2. A True-Blue Visionary

“And on this wall, I would like to have a larger than life wreathe that is just slathered with tacky trinkets, frilly charms and a ton of red white and blue Santas – that way I don’t have to take it down come July.” – Tasteless Holiday Interior Designer

3. An Out of Place Turkey

This particular house is such a culprit of over-the-top holiday décor that it can’t even keep its holidays straight! Yes, you’re seeing it correctly; amongst all of the Yuletide Joy and neon Christmas lights, there is a lone Thanksgiving Turkey.
Gobble, gobble?

4. Light Bright

Making the most of its minimal sub-divided space, this little lot packs a big punch of holiday joy. Reminiscent of the Light-Bright toy from the 70s, this house is the most impressive dose of décor for its size.

5. Next Day Realization

Much like waking up with an ugly stranger after a long night of drinking at the bar, some things just don’t look as good in the light of day – this is no exception. While your trinket-ridden lawn might look good when illuminated in the dark, once that sun comes up, your yard becomes the poster child for The House That Christmas Threw-Up.


6. The Home Away from Home

Speaking of misjudgment at the bar, here’s a fine example of over-the-top décor at your home away from home. While vomit usually ends up on the floor of your neighborhood pub, somehow it landed on the ceiling!

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This one looks more like a demonic carnival, presented by Tim Burton, than a traditional holiday house. Although it’s unclear whether Christmas threw-up this chaotic mess or a seedy traveling circus, to its credit, it’s a bright site to see!

8. Teddy Bear Den

You might expect it at a cluttered toy store or a festive shopping mall but this homeowner has shown true dedication to the decoration cause by transforming the interior of their home into a Teddy Bear Den meets Santa’s Workshop. Hope you weren’t planning on using your house for any kind of actual living!?

9. “Throw It Up Against the Wall to See If It Sticks” Design

Eluding rhyme and reason, this spirited designer has obviously gone to the Christmas decoration superstore, bee-lined it for the clearance aisle, scooped up a grab bag of random holiday schwag and threw it all at the wall, leaving things where they stuck.

10. Happy Holidays!

Capping the list as one of the more tasteful houses that Christmas threw-up on (that being a somewhat dubious distinction, maybe), this cheery festival of lights is an impressive display of Christmas spirit and an appropriate reminder to us all to enjoy the spirit of the season – Happy Holidays!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of over-the-top holiday decorations that can be seen all over the country, and in many cases, from space. Whether it was in good taste or just plain tacky, we hope it put you in the Christmas spirit and taught you the dos and don’t of Christmas décor.



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