10 Ideas For Dual Duty Furniture In Small Living Spaces

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If you are downsizing or want to make the most of your space, think about furniture that has more than one purpose. Included here are ten such ideas to consider.


The original piece of dual duty furniture was the convertible couch. Remove the cushions, pull on the frame, and voila! A bed appeared.

Or was it the Murphy bed? Pull a king or queen mattress down from a wall for sleeping, leaving the floor space open for use during waking hours.

Small living quarters

If you have spent any time in an RV or a travel trailer, you know that each inch of space is precious. Most everything has more than one use.

Kitchen tables are lowered to the same level as the seating to create a bed. Bench seating has storage below it, and the surface converts to a bed at night, too. Actual beds have storage beneath them. If the unit is small enough, the kitchen sink doubles as a bathroom sink. Cook tops frequently have stainless steel covers to create more surface area when not in use.

Reasons for convertible furniture

We would be wise to take a few lessons from RV design. Maybe you’re an empty nester wanting to move to a smaller home. Maybe you want to make the most of the space you already have.

Maybe you want to live more simply with less stuff. Or you might be striking out on your own in a small apartment.

Whatever your reasons, how can you make a small space work and still live comfortably?

The 10 ideas

1. A good-looking sofa converts into a dining table and six stools. This has an earthy yet modern feel.

2. Upcycle a wooden cable spool into a side table/bookshelf combo.

3. A contemporary table converts from a small console to a dining table that seats as many as 10. Go through the gallery, and watch the video. It’s fun!

4. Turn your desk into a bed easily and in style. This would be a real space saver if you work at home! Here is another bed/desk unit from the same company.

5. A leather cube ottoman can be a footrest, seat or a table. Inside a large storage compartment triples its use!

6. Cats don’t take up much space, but it never hurts to hang a cat hammock in the unused space beneath a chair.

7. The simplicity of these two pieces is very attractive. They combine to make a chair or an endtable, which could actually be used as a child’s desk. Separately, they can be an end table and a clothes hanger.

8. A contemporary couch has storage compartments below. It looks like they are easy to access, too.

9. Books on your shelf transform into end tables and stools.

10. A coffee table top raises up to become a dining table with four ottoman stools that have with storage inside. Beautiful and functional in many ways!

Get creative in a small home

So with a twist of a handle or a gentle pull on a lever, you can transform a piece of furniture and consequently an entire room! From office to bedroom, or living room to dining room, there are obviously many ways to live in less space by using creatively designed furniture.

Have you seen any other pieces of furniture that would help someone live comfortably in a small space? Let me know in the comments!

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