10 Inexpensive Ways For Your Family To Have A Great Summer

family bike ride

Enjoying the summer doesn’t have to mean expensive trips and activities. Here are a few easy, inexpensive ways for your family to have some summer fun.


Summer vacation is about half over and your kids may be getting a little restless – and driving you crazy! Instead of parking them in front of the TV or with their tablets all day send them outside for some fun! I have come up with a few great things your whole family can enjoy.

Although a lot of these are geared towards families and kids – don’t write them off if you don’t have children – find some friends and go have some good old fashioned summer fun!

1. Go Camping

This one is an old standby and it’s a good one! Camping helps you learn about nature and teaches your kids some useful skills. It’s great for family bonding time too – just put the electronics down.

Although it is usually a cheaper vacation than a typical hotel stay going camping can add up – supplies, campground fees, gas to get you there…so consider camping in your own backyard!

2. Garden

Soil and seeds are relatively inexpensive and you may even have dirt in your yard already. Get the kids out there and designate everyone a patch of land to grow all the fruits, vegetables and flowers they want. Spend some time watering, weeding, and best of all – picking what was grown!

3. Start a scavenger hunt

Put together a list of interesting or unusual things found in your neighborhood – a purple house, roses in a garden, a funny street name, or a blackberry bush. Set up teams to compete or have your kids to work together to locate the items and award small prizes like a special dessert or a sparkly pencil.

4. Play in water

Many neighborhood parks have water sprayers or wave pools turned on during the summer for kids to socialize, play, and keep cool. If you don’t have a local park like this you can have fun in your own yard with your sprinkler or blow up pool.

family in pool

5. Visit markets

Most towns have weekly, or even daily, markets that sell a variety of local crafts, farm fruits, vegetables, meat, and baked goods. These markets are a great way to support and meet other locals and discover new things. Buy a vegetable your family has never tried and take it home to cook it up for dinner.

6. Fairs

When you were a kid wasn’t going to the fair the highlight of the summer?! We were lucky to have a few fairs in our town each summer when I was growing up and I sure had fun! There are usually rides and games for all ages, entertainment, and the yummy fair food can be a treat for the kids and give you a night off of cooking.\

7. Find new parks

We live near three different parks but this summer we are taking the time to explore other parks in our city. We have found a few gems with hidden rivers and funky playground equipment that will be a special treat to return to occasionally.

8. Decorate your yard

This can be as simple as buying some sidewalk chalk and letting your kids “design” your driveway, or building and painting a birdhouse to keep in your yard – just be sure to put it up high! String up colored lights to make your evenings bright and cheerful.

9. Have a picnic

Put together a variety of foods – sandwiches, salads, cold drinks, and a few treats – and head out to find a nice grassy area to set up. This can be in your own backyard, in a park, or head down to the beach. Watch the clouds go by and try to point out the ones that resemble things.

10. Stargaze

Summertime is the best time to spend a late evening outside looking up at the stars. Spend some time researching where the planets and constellations are located and try to find them. Maybe you’ll even see a shooting star!

What was your favorite summer activity when you were a child? What do you and your family like to do to celebrate summer now? Share with us in the comments.

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