10 Original Furniture Pieces That Imitate Nature

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Looking for a flower sofa, a leaf table or a cactus chair? Well, they exist. See some amazing nature-inspired designs for furniture in the links below.


grass sofa

I’m really not the camping kind. Give me a comfy bed and an insect-free environment over a chilly tent and an awkward sleeping bag any day.

But camping isn’t the only way to live “among” nature. In fact, designers have used nature to inspire plenty of spaces and pieces of furniture over the years. Just think of the 60’s egg-shaped pod.

Finding cool, nature-imitating furniture: another web scouring mission for Anabelle!

1. A giant bird’s nest

This awesome piece of furniture made the rounds on my Facebook timeline a few weeks ago. And for good reason: it’s awesome. Designed by OGE Creative Group, this bird’s nest for humans can fit up to 16 people (in its largest size) and even has eggs in it. Well, cushion-eggs, but whatever. They look like eggs.

I would LOVE to have one of those for reading and relaxing! Creative offices could also use one as a napping space for employees (because letting your employees nap is cool. Just ask Google.).

2. Sitting on a log

Want to sit on a log but don’t want to risk bringing in creepy crawly creatures in your home? The Bark Chair has you covered. Presented in 2008 by unfortunately defunct Belgian design firm Draw Me A Sheep, this bench is upholstered in real tree bark. It can’t be too comfortable, but it looks really, really cool.

Check out other pieces from this firm here.

3. A book tree

Books are made from trees… but trees can also hold books. This gorgeous bookshelf by Matthew Perdue has plenty of meaning: books help you grow, growing up with books… And now you don’t need a park to read with your back against a tree.

4. In a flower’s lap

Isn’t it true that fairies sleep in flowers? Well, now you too can be a fairy, with these flower-inspired chairs and sofas. This series of seating pieces by German designers Bruehl are inspired by the beauty of spring and the delicate, flowing lines of petals. I could certainly see it in a nursery or a cool young woman’s apartment.

5. Rock sofa

At first glance, this sofa doesn’t seem very inviting. But it’s just the way it looks. This really interesting sofa set from Italian designers Fratelli Boffi comes straight out of a pebbled stream or beach. The neutrals shades and the stone-like shapes easily evoke small stones that we throw in the water as children.

6. Pebble sleep

Speaking of rocks and pebbles, here’s another variation on that theme. Living Stone Pillows sells them in plenty of sizes and colors. Buy one for a corner in your living room or a bunch for a fun, comfy space.

7. Blades of grass

What do insects see when they walk on our lawns, so insignificant compared to even a blade of grass? Probably this. This hip lounging seat by Thai designer Thinkk Studio will certainly give your bedroom some extra natural style.

8. Such a peacock

If I had this bench in my backyard, I would certainly want to show it off to vistors. Sold by Florida Plants, this original metal bench is part of a complete nature-inpsired series of outdoor seating. I love the attention to detail and the artistic interpretation of the natural world.

9. Eating on a leaf

In certain parts of the world, food is served on giant leaves. Super ecological! But if you prefer a table, you can have your cake and eat it too. This leaf-shaped table design by John Makepeace has a gorgeous flow and naturally-inserted seating spaces for several guests. Really quite gorgeous!

10. Prickly seating

I don’t know who would even think that sitting on a cactus is a good idea, but the people at Valentina Gonzales Wohlers certainly make it appealing. The chair even comes with little tufts of fabric to imitate thorns.

How natural do you want your home?

Most of human design is somehow inspired by or made from something out of nature. But still, these designs push the resemblance to a fascinating level. Are these too edgy for your tastes, or would you gladly integrate a piece or two in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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