10 Painless Ways To Go Green: An Infographic

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Here are some ways to continue to “go green” without drastic changes to your routine, helping you stay on the road to sustainable living.


Going green.

It’s a pretty slippery term, isn’t it? Even five or ten years ago, a lot of what we’d call “going green” has worked its way into our daily routines. The fact remains that even today, the idea of reducing, re-using, and recycling seems more like a journey than it does a destination. The good news is that we’ve come pretty far. But, there are still areas that we can all improve on when it comes to sustainable living.

Sometimes that daily routine I mentioned is pretty hard to break out of. It can even feel uncomfortable. Yet, it’s important to remember one very important thing: we’ve changed our ways before, and we can do it again! Here are some ways to do that without completely disrupting your routine, but that help you to stay on that “going green” journey. Take a look!


Your green journey

What steps have you recently taken to change your routine in order to improve sustainability in your home?

Are there any practices and habits that should appear in this infographic but don’t? Help us fill in the gaps with your own ideas.

Are there external reasons that make some of the above impractical for you? What are they, and what have you found have been some effective alternatives?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!


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