10 Quick Tasks To Refresh Your Home Today

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Housework and house cleaning doesn’t have to be a big job. You can take a few minutes once in a while to do quick things for big impact. Try one of these today!


Like most of you, I don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning my home. With a freelance business and plenty of social engagements to occupy my days and nights, there’s plenty of cleaning I don’t do because, well, there are more important things to do.

But not all cleaning takes hours and hours. Some small things that only take a few minutes can actually have a big impact on the cleanliness and freshness of your home. I commit to doing at least one of these every week to make my house a little nicer for me and my family. What about you?

1. Wipe down your windows

Glass spray and a cloth: that’s all you need to wipe down your windows and let the light in. As spring comes along and the days lengthen, you’ll want to get more of that wonderful sunshine. It only takes a few minutes, and it makes a big difference!

2. Change your sheets

People change their sheets a lot less often than they should. Sheets should be washed and/or changed once a week, or more often if you sweat heavily at night. All you need to do is throw your sheets in the washer–it doesn’t even take 10 minutes.

3. Clean the screens

Computers and TV screens: how fast do they get mucked by dust, fingerprints and wipe marks? Take a few minutes today to clean out those screens so you can watch your favourite TV show without a glare or answer your emails without squinting.

4. Brush off that pet hair

With a roller or your vacuum cleaner, take a few minutes to remove some of the pet hair from your soft furnishings. It might not take it all off, but at least it’ll take care of the worst and you’ll have less dander to deal with next time you sit on your couch.

5. Wash your shower curtain liner

Shower curtain liners get mildewed. Even the anti-mildew ones (I should know, that’s what I have). A trip in the washing machine will clean that right up, and you won’t have to kind of ignore the mildew spots at the corner of your eyes when you shower.

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6. Broom off that kitchen floor

I’m not talking about washing your floor on all fours here. Just grab a broom and pick up whatever food particles are lying on the ground. Don’t you like to cook in a clean environment, without stepping on grains of rice all the time? I certainly do.

7. Pick up your entrance clutter

Junk mail and random receipts you pick out of your pockets when you get home? I has ’em. Take a minute to throw away what needs to be thrown away, and to file what needs to be filed. Bills to pay? Pay them now.

8. Put up some fresh flowers

You don’t need a dozen roses. Just walk to the closest corner store or bodega and pick up a cheap bouquet. In a nice vase, it’ll look amazing anyway. Flowers will give a nice fresh, spring-like look to your dining room or kitchen.

9. Hang that art

Have a piece of art or a poster you’ve been meaning to hang forever? Now’s the time. It only takes a few minutes. Don’t leave those walls bare and boring. Add some pizzazz and personality right now!

10. Straighten up your home office

Some people find it difficult to get work done in a messy environment. Pick up stray pens and papers and put them away. Leave a clean desk space so you can be inspired to start a new project or pick up an old dream.

What did we miss?

What other small tasks and quick cleaning chores do you do to freshen your home in a pinch? Share your tips with our community!

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