10 Redneck Bathrooms

When it comes to home remodels and new additions, not everyone can afford (or presumably see the benefits in) a licensed contractor to do the quality of work that we’ve come to expect. In moments like these, some folks take matters into their own hands.

Below is a list of bathrooms that are the humorous result of some (un?)ambitious do-it-yourselfers.

1. Private Facilities
There is a common complaint that public restrooms aren’t quite private enough when it comes to the bathroom stalls – lucky for us, there’s a craftsman in our midst. Check out this fine solution for added privacy!

2. Front Porch Crapper
No one ever said walls were a mandatory amenity when it comes to building a bathroom! In fact, as an added bonus to this less-than-private front porch crapper, this sneaky owner doesn’t have to worry about installing a fan.  And if you think this picture is nasty now, you should have seen it before we edited it and added the partition our learned friend pictured below did not! You’re all lucky we know Photoshop, sorta.

3. Two Birds, One Stone?
The trickiest part of installing a bathroom is easily the plumbing – you can mount fixtures all day long but feeding the water pipes is a whole different beast. That said, when you’re in a crunch, just daisy chain your appliances and treat yourself to a six-pack for a job well done.
4. European Style
While some landlords would advertise this set up as a European style bathroom, in this forum we’ll just call it lazy. Of course it’s a space saver but you’d have to be quite the redneck to want to shower while taking care of business!
5. Certified Half Bath
If you have an extra toilet, three sheets of plywood and some old linens laying around, you’ve got yourself a DIY bathroom kit. Yep, just crudely prop them all against your home and you’ll have a certified half-bath in no time.
6. Lazy Boy Baño
Some people like to take their precious time when it comes to relieving themselves – for that person in particular, we recommend this comfy Lazy Boy turned toilet. Sit down, relax, take your time and be proud of your brilliant invention.
7. Poor Man’s Bidet
It was popular in Europe a long while before ever making it to the states, but as you can see by this picture, the bidet is making its presence known in the states.
8. The Great Outdoors
When you’re in nature and Nature calls, have no fear. This well-built bathroom has all the privacy you’ll need (supplied by a tarp) and all the functionality you’ll get from a plumbed porcelain toilet (by way of a garbage bag that you’ll need to dispose of yourself). Yes, a fine bathroom experience indeed.
9. Country Rest Area
Your common rest area has never really been known for its state of the art facilities so why should a redneck restroom be any different? Give the country boys some credit for this invention; now no farmer needs to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go.
10. Mother Nature’s Bathroom
When you find yourself without cardboard, plywood, garbage bags or even toilet paper, simply turn to the nearest body of water; Mother Natures largest bathroom and a redneck’s facility of choice.

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