10 Special Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Life was easier back when you presented Mom with a homemade card and a popsicle stick tissue box holder on Mother’s Day and she thought it was the bee’s knees. But as we grow up and move away from home and start our own families, Mother’s Day requires a little more planning. If you’re looking for fun and memorable way to spend your mother’s day this year, here are 10 activities that are just as special as she is.

Choose a Way to Spend Mother’s Day and Make it Special

 Plant Flowers

Moms adore flowers, and what better way to spend your mother’s day than elbow deep in potting soil? This year, skip the cut flowers, and bring a few of her favorite varieties to plant in her garden, window box, or patio planter. If she’s a real garden enthusiast, make a day of shopping for plants with tickets to the garden show or a visit to her favorite nursery. If your mother would rather smell the roses than plant them, take her and the whole family to the local botanical gardens for a peaceful stroll or a pond-side picnic.

 Get Pampered

Nothing celebrates the mother-child bond quite like a mother-daughter mani and pedi or a mother-son pedicure and eyebrow waxing. Book some time at your local nail salon or day spa. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, start the session with massages all around. Conclude your day of pampering by showing off your new nails or brows at the local tea room or sidewalk café.

 Go Shopping

Take your mom out for a special day of shopping, and bond with her over the things that bring her joy. For moms enamored with old stuff, a day of antiquing is just the thing for spending quality time together on Mother’s Day. If your mom is more the boutique type, gather a list of your local specialty shops, plan the route, and check them all out. Head to the local flea market, boat show, craft fair, or rummage sale. Whatever her interests, she’ll have a good time perusing the related wares your town has to offer.

 Attack Her Honey-Do List

If you’re the handy type, offer your mom your services for a day. Re-attach her gutter, rake out her flower beds, fix that leaky faucet, or re-tile her backsplash. Touch up her paint, oil her squeaky doors, tighten that stair rail, or hang some pictures. Whatever she needs done, be there to take care of it, just like she took care of you all those years.

 Make a Fabulous Meal

Ply Mom with a special, homemade meal on Mother’s Day. Make it a festive event with decorations and cocktails. If you’re having her over for brunch, start the party with mimosas and fresh fruit. Your pre-dinner event can include her favorite music and specialty cocktails like Moscow Mules or margaritas. An afternoon barbecue on the deck should feature a huge jug of tea brewing in the sun and a tub of her favorite ice-cold beers. Get the conversation focused on stories of times past, starring your dear old mother.

 Shower Her With Gifts

A way to spend your mother’s day when you can’t see your mom in person, is to let her know you’re thinking about her with a special gift. Monthly subscription boxes are becoming ever more popular, and you can find one for just about anything, including succulents, fashion accessories, books, and more. Experiential gifts are also great for Mom. Think about what your mother enjoys doing, and give a gift like horseback riding lessons, symphony tickets, or a yearly park pass or zoo membership. Other, more tangible gifts include a bracelet engraved with her children’s names, a blank journal embossed with her initials, or a gorgeous, monogrammed silk scarf.

 Host a Games Night

Is your mom a Scrabble fanatic? Is she full of information that makes her a Trivial Pursuit prodigy? Whatever her favorite board game, make an event of it with a game night complete with her favorite snacks and cocktails. If you have a crowd of mothers in your family looking for fun, choose a game like Monikers, which is similar to charades, or get two or more copies of the same board game, and host a tournament complete with prizes.

 Sip Wine and Paint

Arts and crafts studios are popping up across the country, and many offer special classes involving art-making coupled with wine-sipping. You don’t need to have any artistic experience to enjoy these classes, since the instructors take participants step-by-step through the art-making process. The whole point is to have a good time and get creative, and a wine-fueled crafting session makes for a fun and relaxing way to spend Mother’s Day.

 Take Her to a Concert

Whether your mom is a huge country music fan, a die-hard rock ‘n’ roller, or prefers the gentle strains of classical music, she’ll have a great time at a musical event that’s hand-picked just for her. Check your local listings, and take Mom to a local music club, concert hall, or outdoor festival for some musical enjoyment. Don’t rule out local bands, high school concerts, or music school recitals, and keep an eye out for concerts sponsored by your local church, symphony, or cultural organization.

 Go Dancing

If your mom enjoys cutting a rug from time to time, take her out on the town for a night of dancing. If you feel like grooving to a band, check the entertainment listings for live music in your area. Your local cowboy hangout may offer line dancing, and Latin clubs often have salsa lessons. Contact a ballroom dancing studio to find out if your town has a venue where you can waltz the night away with the woman who birthed you.

Chances are, no matter what you do for Mom this Mother’s Day, she’ll appreciate your effort. But taking the time to make her day extra special will warm her heart and let her know just how much you love her.

Ways to Spend Mother's Day

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